Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Last Hoo-rah!!!

This past weekend we headed up to Tahoe for a quick get away for two reasons.  1.  To restore our sanity from the craziness of the holidays.  2.  Mama Guido (Kelly) is happily 32 weeks pregnant and wanted a weekend away to relax before "VinnieLouie" shows up.  And before you go further...yes, her actual last name is Guido and no, "VinnieLouie" is not the name of her unborn son.  That's just what we refer to him as and we like it.  We like it a lot! 

We hit the jackpot with fabulous weather.  We really could not have times this trip better because it was sunny, gorgeous....and freezing cold!  I am including these two pictures for a couple of reasons.  1.  There were these giant icicles hanging right outside the dining room.  2.  If I go missing, start with this guy first.  His first reference of this being used as a perfect weapon BECAUSE IT COULD MELT is a little unnerving! 

Again...this guy is a bit sketchy!

Who needs to run to the store for ice???  We've got ice!

This is about as far as we got out the backyard. the preggo lady was in charge of bringing breakfast.  There were enough breakfast goods for us and five other families.  24 LARGE muffins.  A large coffee cake.  A large tin full of cinnamon rolls.  And, because she was afraid she didn't think of everything....she made homemade chocolate chip banana muffins.

And here is Rich and I after our walk...that had to take place after we ate breakfast.  Did I mention she brought FIVE different types of muffins????

And just look at these two hot messes.  This is Jason and Anthony....skiers extraodinaire!  These two brave souls...who hadn't skied in about ten years, decided to hit the slopes and successfully come back unharmed.  We were so happy that they both arrived back home without injury.  My favorite part of this picture is Ja-Locke sporting his Seahawks beanie on the day that Seattle beat New Orleans.  My hubby, who hasn't skied a day in his life, stayed with his sister-wives back at the cabin and gossiped with us about anything and everything.  While Jason was busy hitting the slopes, his wife was screaming loud enough for him to hear 15 miles away at the top of Heavenly, as his beloved team was kicking a little "a" and taking names.  A good time for all.

Finally, here are Rich and Anthony trying to bring a little winter back to the valley. 

Kelly...we hope you enjoyed your last childless getaway.  As we understand your need for a little peace before the arrival of your darling baby boy...we just can't wait to meet him and hold him and welcome him to the world.  Enjoy your last couple of weeks with Leah and treasure the time you have with her before she becomes the big sister of the household.

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