Monday, January 24, 2011

Weekend fun and catch up!

Whew!  I'm exhausted and it's only Monday.  And, to be honest...I really didn't do much this weekend.  On Saturday Matthew had his basketball game.  Here are pictures as promised.  I was a big girl and charged my camera and everything because my sister was not happy with me and my lack of pictures.  She's pretty bossy when she is a couple thousand miles away.

Here is the infamous tunnel that the players come out of.  Matthew was the first to point out that the smoke screen and cheerleaders were not there on Saturday and it is not as exciting to come out to just us and no smoke or girls cheering.  We thanked him for his sincerity.

Bad shot...but it's him. :)

Here is Matthew guarding Dante.  Dante was on Matt's flag football team and he was so excited to be matched up with him. 

Break away.

I took several shots of Matthew shooting to give him proof that he stops 10-15ft. short of the basket to take a shot.  Lay-ups are not necessarily his favorite thing.  Shocking!

A little defense.

Again, can you see the basket in the shot?  Nope.

Another break away.

Finally....a lay-up!

And basket in sight.

Saturday night we went to St. Anne's crab feed.  Look who graced us with his presence.....

I need to give props to my sister-in-law Stacy for sharing a recipe for jello shots. I made them on Saturday for the crab feed and they were a HUGE hit. Not just with our table, but I shared them with my in-laws and their friends too. And...thanks to those and some other drinkies, pictures like this happened....

The boys.....much later that night.

And because I want him to come back on a more regular basis....I will NOT be posting other pics that I took because that would be mean and unlike him....I am nice with picture posting.

And finally...two weeks ago on January 7th, Matthew came up to me and said...."Mom!!!  My tooth is loose!!!"  I was soooo excited for him.  We (really mostly just him) have been waiting for so long for that first loose tooth.  I wiggled it and told him it wasn't really ready because it was barely loose and also because we were leaving for the weekend and we didn't want him to lose it while we were gone.  (I know, I know, parents of the year)  So, in order to hit my point home...I told him that it would really hurt if he tried to take it out too early and that he would be really sorry if he pushed it too soon (which is actually the truth, right?? :).  So, in true Matthew form...he has been VERY conservative in his loosening of the tooth in fear that it will hurt and cause pain.  We are now passed the two week mark of having that ONE loose tooth and it is still firmly in his mouth.  ANY other would have been out in days.  Not Matthew!  So, I will keep you updated on this long, drawn out process of losing his very first tooth!

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