Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Years Day---Snow and Bowling!

On New Years Day, we city folk decided to head up the ol' mountain and try to find some snow.  Even though we had a crazy storm the day before, we ended up having to go farther than we had originally planned. 

Here's my one complaint about going to the snow.  A lot of work...for a VERY limited time in the snow.  You have the set of clothes that they wear in the car, the added clothes for when you get there, and then an entire new set of clothes for the way home.  Total time in the snow....approximately five to six minutes before hypothermia sets in.  We are city ALL those clothes I just mentioned are not always snow friendly!

Ryan dressed and ready.

 Matthew dressed and ready!
We stopped on an actual road that was off the highway.  A full functioning road for the people who still live here,  and a couple of them do not care for our "let's just pull over here and play" decision.  We felt good about it because we weren't the only ones with this idea.  All those people in the background of this picture had the same idea.  Here are the boys trying to find a good hill.

Ryan is fearless.  Fearless to the point of worry.

First run of the day!

I think he likes it!

Matt's first run.

His mouth open...again.

 However inappropriate this picture is...the only reason I put it up us for my niece Mikayla.  She knows the reason and I'll leave it at that!
  Guess who had the toastiest toes around!!  I got two pairs of boots for Christmas and I am not ashamed to say that I have either my black  boots or my brown boots on every day since.  I am in warm feet heaven.

It's apparently a good idea to just close your eyes and not look when you can't control what is going to happen.

And finally...a snow trip would not be complete without some type of injury.  On Ryan's last run he slid right into a pile of snow and it bruised his cheek.  Time to go!

McNuggets make everything better.

On our way down the hill, we decided to stop and bowl.  Ryan wanted to go bowling for his birthday, so we stopped at a bowling alley in Sutter Creek.


One person bowling, two people trying to steer the ball with their bodies.

A strike for the young man.  (The bumpers help)

 Soooooo excited!!!!

Last shot of the day!

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