Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's To Do List

I hate resolutions.  Crazy hate them.  It's like purposely setting myself up for failure.  I don't handle failure well..on any I no longer participate in the "Making of New Year's Resolutions". 

So, instead...I'm going to make a New Years To Do List.  This way if I don't get to everything, I'll simply carry it over til next year!  And besides...I love lists.  I love writing lists and crossing things off.  Such satisfaction for this simple girl. 

2011 (or 2012) To Do List
1.  Work on my bargaining techniques--for both my husband and my children.  They kids are becoming smarter in the area of compensation for what they are asked to do and the realization of how much a quarter actually is, is simply not flying anymore.  I blame the Dollar Store for this.  As for the hubby--I'm going to strike better deals...or go on strike.  This will take thought and consideration for he is catching on to my ways as well.

2.  Deep cleaning of the entire house.  For this to happen, the following has to occur--1. School vacation.  I simply have no time during the week to do these types of deep cleaning and the last thing I want to do on the weekend is clean.  2. Make sure my husband is at work.  I am married to a hoarder.  Not an "A&E Buried Alive" hoarder, but a "we can use this again" or "save it for our next garage sale" hoarder.  I am not a saver...I enjoy a deep clean.   3. Make sure it is garbage day.  That way there is no dumpster diving to retrieve lost goods.

3.  Cook more.  Like when we were first married and had no kids type cooking.  I used to get cookbooks out and pour over all the different recipes that looked fabulous and had more than six ingredients.  Now I open the pantry and see what few things I can mix and bake together and call it dinner.  I want to have grown up meals again!

4.  Do away with Free Choice Night.  Free Choice Night goes with the List #3.  My boys are not always required to eat with Rich and I eat because they don't like it or don't want it, so it turns into Free Choice Night for them.  I a little tired of doing separate meals!

5.  Take control of the laundry situation.  Enough said.

6.  Vacation in exotic locations.  White sand, blue-green water, huts on the beach, and umbrellas in my cocktails exotic locations.  I want there to be no cell reception because we've reached international waters.  I want be far enough away that I will never hear the words..."Oh my gosh, is that Mrs. Marini?" ever again while on vacation. 

7.  Read more with my kids.  I want to start interesting chapter books at night that don't have names like Pablo, Tyrone, Dora, Swiper, Junie B., or Clifford.  Maybe a dose of the original Boxcar Children is in order.

8.  Eat as a family, at the dinner table, at least twice a week.  To some of you, you may think of this as a no brainer.  However, at Casa de Marini, we are all on different schedules and we all eat meals at different times.  Weekends are the only chance to eat together as a family and we need to do it more often.  WITHOUT A GAME ON IN THE BACKGROUND!!!

9.  Visit family out of state---that's for you Noelle!!!!  Somehow, sometime, we will travel back east again.  Last time we went south to Washington DC, this next time I'm thinking New York City!

10.  Keep everyone safe, happy, and healthy.  Enough said.


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