Friday, December 24, 2010

Ryan--Your nose is growing...

And I thought my next post would be AFTER the big day!  Nope.  Because this is too good not to pass on.

Right after we got home last night, I was busy starting to make dinner.  Get things organized, I am puttering around the kitchen half listening to what the boys are saying.  They are talking about Christmas for the 1,974th time just this week.  You understand I have tuned them out...I can't take it anymore.  I just nod and say "We'll see" and hope they move on to something else.  As I am getting dinner out of the refrigerator I hear Ryan say, "Matt--I hope we get that one present that has that shooty thingy that comes with the bulls eye and you try and knock them down.  Yeah--I hope we get that." I freeze.  I freeze and look up and stare at Ryan and say... "What did you just say?" He freezes.  He looks at me and then repeats the exact description he just said out loud.  The wheels in my head not only start turning, they are pretty much going at such a rapid speed that smoke may or may not be coming out of my ears.  Because Ryan has just described...IN VIVID of the gifts under the tree. 

So, like a good mom....I call for back-up.  I called Rich.  Because maybe Ryan saw it and Rich forgot to tell me.  Maybe one day he caught a glimpse of it in the trunk or something and Rich tried to play it off.  Maybe...just maybe, Ryan is just that smart and has a memory like his brother---the one that NEVER FORGETS ANYTHING! 

As I am on the phone with Rich, inside my closet in the back of the house so I can repeat in detail Ryan's conversation and not let him know that I am now on to him, I ask Rich what he knows.  Rich is positive Ryan hasn't seen it.  He then said..."Go check the gift...maybe it is unwrapped."  So, I creep back into the living room, crawl on the floor under the tree, grab the gift and say..."No, it looks fine."  It was only when I pulled the entire gift out that I noticed the entire back corner ripped and open.

So, what to do.  What to do.  I immediately sent them into my room to watch "Olive, The Other Reindeer" because I knew that I needed to question them and it had to be done in a manner that I could read them and tell who was telling the truth.  Because really, at this point, Matthew could have played a part in this as well and I need to know that too.

I call Ryan out first...

Mom:  Ryan, did you open a present under the tree?

Ryan:  No.


Ryan:  Yes.  Because, because I was down there shaking all the presents to see what toys they were and that big one just ripped in that corner.  I didn't do it. 

Mom:  What did you see when the corner ripped?

Ryan:  A toy.  A toy with a shooty thingy.

Mom:  Ryan, you can not open a present.  When Santa comes and he sees that, he is going to be mad and maybe not leave any presents.

Ryan:  Cause we've been on the naughty list?


Ryan:  Oh.  How many reindeer does Santa have?

And the conversation is over. 

When I questioned Matt later I could tell Ryan had worked alone.  I could tell in Matthew eyes, in the tone of his voice, and in the fact that when he thought I wasn't listening he totally yelled at Ryan for almost ruining Christmas. 

As much as this is funny....and it is funny.  These are things that I am again, not prepared for, and don't know how to handle.  I think it is a good thing that Auntie Noelle lives clear across the country, because I am sure beyond a shadow of a doubt that she would host seminars for her nephews on the art of re-wrapping Christmas gifts without your parents knowing.  She has a gift I tell you....a gift!  And I was not that child.  I love a good surprise.  I never wanted to know and she could identify every gift under the tree.

Stay tuned.  I am hopeful there will be no more posts before tomorrow, however I can no longer guarantee that.  Fingers are crossed...

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