Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It's a Hair Thing...

When we considered buying a dog, I kind of brushed over "grooming" as one of the expenses that might come up.  Rich...the walking calculator that he ALWAYS adding things up in his mind.  This is a huge buzz kill for almost everything in my life because it is easier for him to say no, rather than consider paying for anything.  So, I left out the grooming expense.  I figured it would be a while before it came up and by then I figured he would love Teddy so much, that the money would be no problem.  Rich is not too fond of we tread lightly where the Notorious T-E-D is concerned.  The owners that we got Teddy from said with Yorkies, it could be a year before we had to get him groomed.  I thought...A year???  That I can do!

Fast forward to this weekend.  I took one look at this face and said...Ted???  Are you in there???  His hair was out of control.  OUT OF CONTROL!  We couldn't see his eyes.  I told Rich...I have to call...his hair will only get longer and we may never see him again!

So I called and got him an appointment for this morning.  I was sooooo excited! Last night I flipped through the Yorkie book my mom bought us and I was trying to find a picture that I could take to the lady so she would know what we had in mind. 

I'll tell you right was not lost on me that I too have done this to myself many times.  I walk into a hair salon, flip through a magazine, find a picture of someone fabulous with fabulous hair, and present it to the lady as if to say...Make me look like this! never works.  I never leave looking like anyone other than myself with a new hair do that resembles one of those people on the back cover of a magazine with a black bar over their eyes and the caption read "What Not To Do With Your Hair".

Well, dogs are different right?  I'll simply take this adorable picture in of this adorable dog in this book and say "I want that!"

Here is a couple of shot of Teddy before...

Just look at this hot mess.

Really only a face his mother loves.

When I went to pick him up, it was like waiting for the big reveal after an ambush makeover.  I was just sure I was going to love his new look.  She opened the door and it was.....AHH!!!  WHERE DID MY TEDDY GO???  I told her to cut his hair somewhat short because I have small boys and Teddy runs like crazy through bushes and stuff chasing them and the least amount of maintenance would be good. 

Here's what he looked like... :(

He was so mad at me that he wouldn't face me the entire way home.  And as much as I felt for him, I was kind of glad because the look on my face was probably not a comforting one. 

I texted the picture above to Rich and he said...She shaved him????  Go buy him a sweater....he's probably freezing!!!

So, I went and bought him a sweater.

 This is him right after I put it on him...

And this is him 15 seconds later...He's still not happy with me.

As much as I tell him he looks handsome...he's just not buying it!  Poor Teddy!


  1. WoW may I ask where you went?? Poor doggy he doesn't even look like a yorkie... On a positive side, it should be a LONG while before he needs grooming again... Our doggy gets VERY upset with us when we take her to the groomer, luckily we only have to take her about every 2 1/2 to 3 months...

  2. Poor least it will grow back fast! Love the sweater:) Hope you had a Merry Christmas!!

  3. Jenny---I went to a lady who is actually a groomer to a couple of my friends dogs. I think next time I will tell her a number 6 on the clippers...instead of a number 2. I think in about a month, I'll take his picture and tell her that this is the look from now on! Luckily I think it will be about three months before we head back. :)

    Angie--Hope you guys had a very Merry Christmas too! I bet your boys were just as crazy as ours!! Take care!