Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Last Christmas Post...I hope

Getting many should we leave out?  How hungry is he going to be???

Who's going to eat the cookies?  All of them?  Really?  What happens if he doesn't eat all of them?  Who gets the leftovers???  Because I've learned how to sit so nicely for treats...

 Getting ready to head out for church.  They are only dressed nice a few times a year and I feel I need proof that they don't live in sweat and shorts.

They are semi-patient with pictures.  Ryan doing his best fake smile.

Finally.  You know the good stuff doesn't happen until they are asleep. 

A note from Santa regarding the "incident" that was referred to the post before.  It was a kind letter letting them know that Santa knows what they did and won't come back if they do it again.  (Parents of the Year....I know)

The calm before the storm....

Look he came...and didn't share with Teddy :)

Matt read the note from Santa...glaring at Ryan...and then tore into the present.

Please pay close attention to the looks on their face....not shocked, are they?

Not a bit surprised...

Look at Ryan's smug little smile....DEVIL!!!!! attention to the looks on their faces now!!!!  Isn't it fun to be surprised?????

Happy Boys.

Loving the new Toy Story game.

Santa gift number 2.  Again pay attention to their faces....

Ryan jumping up and down!!!

This is happiness to me... it age appropriate????

Hey look it's the shoot thingy with the targets!!!!

Someone's ready for their new Toy Story game!!!

And a brand new Baby Mickey!!!!

Ring toss game from Papa Jeff was a big hit!  And in no time the game turned incredibly competitive...shocking, right?

Matthew does not ever back down from a challenge....he can't handle losing.  Who does he get that from???

Here is Matthew trying to put together his very first solo lego project. 

It's only 94 hard can this be???

Not that hard at all...

Oops....wait a minute...are those "extra pieces"?  Hmmm.....

Boys opening gifts at Nana Jack's...with a little help from Jackie. :)

Matthew with his pillow pet.

Ryan's pillow pet.

New rides for Nana's house.

Ryan is dying to get out and ride.

Ahh...a visit from cousin Danny.  Poor Danny...he was such a good sport.  It was as if a rock star walked through the front door.  Matt played catch with him for an hour straight and Ryan interrupted them every 15 seconds.  They loved him!!!

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