Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Gee Reception

Stop the presses.  Kelvin Gee is married!!!  One of Rich's dearest friends, Kelvin Gee, got married a couple of months ago and Saturday night was his reception.  SO MUCH FUN!!!!  We had a great time and were so happy to spend this night with Kelvin and his new bride Serena.

Mr. and Mrs. Kelvin Gee

The first dance.

Gee's Camaro as a cake.

The dessert area.  This does not include the seven tier cake.  This was just avavilable throughout the night in case you needed a snack.

The mix and make candy section.

Look at the chocolate covered strawberries!!!!

Our table.  We were with Steve and Cindy and the girls. 

The menu.  I am so proud of myself....I actually ate most of the stuff on here.  Especially the third selection down...MY FAVORITE FOOD EVER!!!!

The assortment platter.

The Maine lobster.  I could care less that he is staring at me...I ate him anyway!

The chicken.

The abalone with sea cucumber.

Calamari and sea scallops with broccoli.

And the most cocktail choice of the evening.  VodkaCran!

 Favors that we brought home for the kids.

Cindy and Alyssa.

Lauren and all her silly bands.  Fourteen to be exact!

Alyssa sampling the dessert bar.

Exactly what my boys would have been doing during a ten course meal.

The Yee Family. 

Another shot of Kelvin's cake car.

Rich and I enjoying a night out without the boys....even though they would have had a fabulous time.

The three wise men.  Steve, Ron, and Rich.

Amanda out dancing. 

Mel dancing to classic 80's!

Rich, Steve, Kelvin, and Ron.

Here is the caricaturist that sat and did drawings of the guests all night.  It was FINALLY the bride and grooms turn!

At the end of the evening we were able to get some group shots with the Mr. and Mrs. Gee.

The Yee's and Gee's.

The Yee's and Gee's

Guess who... :)

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