Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Best Waker-Upper Ever!!!

It is already day two of Matthew and I being back to school and I am embarrassed to admit that I have overslept both days.  I'm embarrassed....not shocked.  Clearly there is a difference there.  The first night (Sunday), I just couldn't get to sleep and that was excuse number one for snoozing two times past my normal snooze count.  Last night I took my shower (I shower at night so I can "sleep in later"--I know my mind is distorted) and was so exhausted that I didn't even blow dry my hair, I just passed out.  This morning I was again two snoozes behind because clearly my body was trying to catch up from the night before.  I'm positive by Saturday I'll be all caught up to then start this cycle again next Monday morning.

Matthew on the other hand has the best waker-upper ever.  I have the standard waker-upper, the good ole alarm clock.  Matthew's waker-upper is furry, smelly, slobbery, and wiggly. 

Every morning I go in to wake up Matt at the same time.  I start off by lightly rubbing his arm, softly speaking to him, asking him to wake up and join the world.  That quiet, soothing, calming lady only lasts approximately 7.4 seconds (because as you remember, I tend to oversleep) and then the soft strokes up and down his arm become semi-violent shakes that are supposed to get him to at least crack an eye lid and let me know he is alive.  After several attempts to get him up, I then bring in the guarantee waker-upper.  The Notorious T...E...D.

I actually love this part of the morning.  When I feel that I have given Matt enough chances to hear me, feel me or whatever... I simply say..."Teddy???  Where's your Matthew??  Where is he??  You better go get him!!!!"  And Teddy takes off for Matthew's bedroom at top speed and flies through the air landing somewhere around Matt's face and licks him to death until he wakes.  It never takes long and I can hear Matthew giggle like crazy.   Teddy is the best waker-upper ever!!!

I know you are probably thinking...maybe Teddy should be my waker-upper.  This is a bad idea and let me tell you why...our family has grown to love this little dude.  If Teddy were to be used as my waker-upper, I'd almost guarantee the first time he flew onto my bed at top speed and tried to lick me to death....he would be launched at warp speed against the nearest wall.  I'm simply not a morning person.  :)

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