Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The break between 3rd and 4th.

I know this might be strange to most of you, but I live my life by a modified calendar.  My teacher friends get this, the general public does not.  I live my life by sessions, if you will.  All the sessions have important things in them and some fun things to look forward to.  The weird part of all of this is that my sessions start in August and finish in July.  The sessions are August to October, October to December, January to March, March to May, and June to August.  My current session is my almost favorite.  It's the session that gets me in the mood for my most favorite. 

The break between the 3rd and 4th quarter in school is time where I start to get that excitement feeling.  A light at the end of the tunnel feeling.  The "THANK GOD IT'S ALMOST OVER" feeling.  This break is a taste of what is to come.  A taste of going to bed after midnight and sleeping in late, a taste of regular trips to the bookstore, a taste of lazy mornings with an assortment of coffee creamers to choose from, a taste of no make-up or curling irons or flat irons, a taste of play dates with friends so that we don't kill our children because were not used to being home with them for this long, a taste of what it is like to be caught up with the laundry and have the house straightened in case someone drops by.  All of these "tastes" get me excited for my favorite session...June to August.

When I head back to school...its game on until the end of May.  Field trips, state testing, open house projects, report cards, all of these biggies that are saved for the end are now sitting between me and my favorite session of year and I want them done and gone!  Bring on summer session.

Recap of my between the 3rd and 4th....
  • I read a total of seven books.  It would have been more, but my sister was here and it would be in poor taste to ignore her and feed my addiction.  Speaking of addiction...I am addicted to a new author that is so good, but she is also terrifying and I often want to sleep with the lights on.  Just saying.....
  • Sleeping in daily and not setting an alarm clock are two things that are essential to a happy Heather.  Rich knows this and he has been kind not to make too many negative comments as I have come out of our bedroom clearly long after the rest of the house has been awake for a while.
  • Spent as much time with my sister and niece as I possibly could.  Rich often asks what is it we do when we are hanging out and I say nothing, eat, drink, catch up.  You know....girl stuff!  We went out to dinner a few times with friends, went shopping, had fabulous lunches and fabulous happy hours.  Girl stuff...get over it!
  • March Madness Baby!!!!  Enough said!
  • Fun family trip to the Happiest Place on Earth.  It is always fun with my kids, but Natalie's enthusiasm just adds so much more to our enjoyment.
  • And finally, just being able to spend time with my niece.  I love her love for books (which she got from me....I KNOW THIS), I love her kisses, I love her smiles, and most of all I love watching her be happy.  That is the best part.
Her last visit to our house, she found a love for my pantry and a even bigger love for our assortment of cereals.  She would disappear into the pantry and reappear with several boxes.  So, she had a little cereal buffet!!


Ready to break for it...

She found a little Mickey hat to wear too.

The loot.

The buffet assortment.

Success! :)

And finally, one of my favorite pictures from the visit!!!

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