Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Weekend Catch-up!

Well, this past weekend we seemed to be quite busy.  Games, birthdays, dinners, name it, we did it.

On Friday it was Rich's 41st birthday.  He's settling into his forties like a pro.  On Thursday night he and his bestie Frank had themselves a little mandate and went to the San Jose Sharks and Detroit Red Wings hockey game.  I had gotten these tickets for Rich for Christmas and I was excited for him that finally after two months, he could use his gift.  During the game Frank had posted a picture on Facebook of the rink from their seats and using my good eyes (as Ryan calls them) I could tell that the $35 dollar a seat tickets were pretty much just short of them hanging from the rafters.  Which I half feel guilty about and I half don't.  Here's my I feel guilty---he loves the Red Wings and has only seen them play a handful of times and it was his Christmas gift.  Here's my I DON'T feel guilty---I married that guy who when you charge something, fifteen minutes later he wants to know what the amount "pending" is for and where I went and why did I need it????  Four months into marriage, answering those questions daily, taught me to take his offer of a cash allowance monthly no questions asked deal and RUN WITH IT!!!!!  However, my cash allowance doesn't come close to two tickets behind the glass at a hockey game.  Please keep in mind the Bon Jovi tickets he's gotten me for gifts in the past haven't exactly been within bra throwing distance from the stage...So, I felt bad for Frank, however---fine for Rich.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! 

Friday night we went to one of "our" (mine really) favorite restaurants, Shir-Ra-Soni, for his actual birthday.  We have not been to this restaurant for some time because Matthew was not a huge fan of the onion volcano action.  Times have not changed, he hid behind the fish tank this time to "escape" the danger.  Dinner was delish.

On Saturday Matthew had back-to-back basketball games.  One started at 11:00, the next one at 12:15.  So we finished one, grabbed our snack and drink and flew across town to start the new season of YMCA.  Bottom line, he just wants to play basketball as much as he possibly can, so there was not a whole lot of disappointment at the lack of cheerleaders and tunnel announcing.  I told him....Welcome to the real world!
I do have to share that we have really been on him about his shooting lately and wanting to take so many outside shots.  His new coach instructed them the other day to not take a shot outside of the key ever...that lasted two possessions and then Matthew went into Matthew mode, tuned him out, and shot three feet past the key.  The new coach is not feeling the love for Mr. But I Can Make The Shot From Out Here Marini.  Anyway, back to us getting on a recent game he was just throwing up random shots and not hitting any of them.  They were so off so we told him....STOP!!!  The coach was telling him to STOP!!!  After the game we said you have to stop and his response was...."But that's how you get the fans going during the game."  Anyone want to take this one????

Sunday was a lazy day followed by a dinner out at our other favorite restaurant Dave Wongs.  Good eats for the birthday weekend.

My sister and her family are coming out tomorrow....SO EXCITED!!!!  So I am sure there will be lots of pictures soon followed by fun cousin stories.  Stay tuned....

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