Wednesday, November 2, 2011

An-ga-ry Birds!!

I know that Angry Birds is spelled incorrectly in the title, but I had to because that is how Ryan pronounces it, no matter how many times we correct him.

So, another Halloween for the books.  Can I just say that I am so happy this only happens once a year??!!  The process of not only the making the costume, but picking the costume is exhausting.  We started this MONTHS ago.  The boys initially had said that they wanted to be angry birds, but as time went on...just like a Christmas list, it changed a thousand times.  I had went on Ebay right away to see what the angry bird costumes looked like and how much they were going for.  The only one I found was $39.99 and I remember turning to my mom and saying..."We could do this, right?  I mean, this looks doable and I bet we could do it for much less."  Because I really can't see dropping eighty bucks on something that will only be used once! 

Luckily they turned out okay, although Ryan told me that it didn't do it to look like the guy on the game at all.  Whatever!  I sat down last week, glue gun in hand, and went to work.  I spent about three hours on them and I didn't stop until they were done.  I want to say that the glue gun needs to go down as one of the greatest inventions EVER!!  I know someone must have said this about 30 years ago and I am a little behind the times as far as crafts go, but come on!!!  These two costumes were made with scissors and hot glue!  Fab-u-lous!!!

One White Angry Bird!  (Ignore the placement of the beak...I had no clue it would end up there, nor was I changing anything!)

One Black An-ga-ry Bird! (Ignore his beak placement as well)

Ready to go!  Notice the egg in Matt's hand?  He said that the white bird drops egg and he wanted me to make an egg for him to carry around...I said grab one of the plastic ones from Easter for crying out loud!

And no, I couldn't leave the Notorious TED out of this!!  Teddy has his own An-ga-ry Bird costume.

And they are off!!  This was pretty accurate for the night, Matthew 10-15 feet in the lead.

And the Crivelli's were kind enough to stay in Lodi this year so we could stop by for our traditional first stop!
Julie having some fun with the birds.

More and more people in our neighborhood are putting out decorations for Halloween.  I predict that Christmas lights will be out shortly.  That's just how crazy our neighborhood is! 

Someone loves this guy just as much as we do!

Look, it's Mario and Luigi!!  Better known as Hayden and Conner!!

Look!!  Even Nana dressed up for the big night!

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