Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Needed "Vaca"

This past weekend Rich and I headed to Vegas for a little "vaca"...and a little work.  I feel the Sports Inc. show that is every year at this time is the perfect recharging battery weekend I need every year at this time.  Yes, there is a business aspect of it, but it is a small price to pay for a couple of days in a place where a waitress delivers me a drink for $1 at a penny slot.  Don't worry, both mornings that I ordered had tomato juice and the other had orange juice....totally legit!

On Sunday night we headed over to Townsquare.  It is a shopping center just off the strip that I LOVE!!  It has great restaurants and fabulous shopping.  This year they had this little house set up for everyone to get in line to see Santa...Norman Rockwell inspired!!!

And a huge tree in the middle of the square with Christmas music playing and "fake snow"!!

In the lobby of our hotel they were setting up this ALL EDIBLE display.  Every year when we are there we watch them over a couple of days put this all together.

On Monday we went to The Border Grill.  It is a restaurant in Mandalay Bay that was opened by the
"Two Hot Tamales."  I love mexican food...and this place was FABULOUS!!!

Here is the view from our table out on the balcony...nothing about this pictures says it is November and winter...other than no one is actually in the pool because it was closed.

And here's the deal...when you overlook palm trees...your drinkie has to reflect it.  Best pina colada ever!

Rich had the die for!

I had the fish tacos.  They were delish...but the black beans were over the moon.

And even though I was beyond stuffed...Rich ordered dessert, so I had a bite.  Or two...

That night we went out on the strip.  We were wanting to go and check out some new places for dinner.  Psst...really, I only agreed to go because we were hitting the main part of the strip and the news kept talking about Prince Harry being out at a bunch of casinos and I took this as my chance to find him or at least become a person of interest to the monarchy due to my aggressive behavior.  I told Rich we were in stalker mode and to be prepared for anything....anything. 

We headed to Bellagio to see if they had changed over their decorations to Christmas, but they had not.  We saw some old friends like the talking tree...

And the barn and windmill...

And some new friends...LOVE THEM!!!!

And here is the pool at our hotel. to legally be there...and it is closed.  But, isn't it pretty???  I really just wanted to go splash my feet in the water!! 

Now we are back and ready for THANKSGIVING!!!!

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