Saturday, November 19, 2011


Yes, we were just there.  Yes, it's obscene and a little over the top.  Yes, I am sure it lacks appreciation from our kids because we frequent this spot more often than the local public library.  And, yes, eventually we will stop.  For now, if you tune in are just going to have to deal with it.

Last weekend we headed to the Mouse's House to kick off our holiday season.  Everywhere you looked there was holiday cheer.  Everywhere.  You'll have to excuse my obsession.  With my birthday being in the December, just a week away from Christmas...I view this as my time of the year.  I love this time of the year.  The trees are beyond gorgeous right now with the fall colors, jackets are no longer an option, and I honked at a house the other night because it was the first I had seen with Christmas lights.  I love it.  So, when we plan our trips to DL, we do it at certain times so that we enjoy everything about it.  Luckily Matt's birthday is in November and was a great excuse to go and kick off Christmas!

I am short on pictures, which I'm guessing is fine because really after some point they all begin to look the same, just older faces.  My phone, which if you remember took an unfortunate swim, was working fine after sitting in a tub of rice for 28 hours.  I was pretty impressed by that whole rice thing working, because replacement costs were astronomical and not an option.  My relief was short lived.  My phone wasn't updating correctly and I didn't understand why, so I hit the restart button and that was the end of my phone.  The screen went completely black.  It was weird because I could pick up incoming calls and talk, I just couldn't see anything.  My point in all of this is that the previous trip to DL, I had really just used my phone the entire time to take pictures and so I didn't bring our big, I had no big camera and no camera phone.  Not good.  And, my husband REFUSED to let me use his phone to take pictures because he said I had bad phone karma and I couldn't touch his!  Whatever.  Good news is that I have a brand new phone now thanks to a top secret classified mission that Rich and I conducted.  It was worth it for him to help me because it seems like when I don't have my phone, half of my body is gone and I'm not easy to live with.

Here is Main Street all done up for Christmas.

The boys in front of a Christmas tree in Toon Town.

Mickey's House.  I love that Mickey still uses the old school lights.

And here is my only shot of Matthew.  Who now tells me to get lost when I want to take his picture.

And Ryan's goal of the trip was to have his picture taken with as many friends as possible.

And if you are willing to part with ten bucks, these cute little apples also get you in the holiday spirit.  Notice I took a picture of them still in the case....
I will warn you that we are going again in January and then that will be it for a while.  Promise. 

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