Thursday, July 2, 2009

The DS

Matthew's DS is gone. The very expensive tool to my sanity is gone. We can't find it. It is going on day eight or nine. The first couple of days were no big deal. Ryan probably put it down somewhere and Matthew probably found it and then placed it completely out of reach of Ryan, who then probably built some type of contraption to then climb up and get it from the very place Matthew felt was safe. No such luck. I just spent thirty minutes looking in toy boxes, under beds, in closets, and in cushions of the couches. Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

As only desperate mother would do, I offered a bribe the other day. I promised
10 M & M's the child who brought it back to me the quickest. 10 M & M's is almost unheard of at our house, so I thought I was as good as gold. Yeah, not so much. As the boys ran frantically around the house for two minutes and thirty-four seconds, I thought for sure they would be successful. Yeah, again, not so much. At minute three, they both came back and said "We can't find it anywhere. Can we have five M & M's for looking?"

So, with a trip to Disneyland around the corner and four more weeks of summer vacation...I am promising 10 M & M's to anyone who can come over and find the DS. I'll even throw in a glass of milk.

1 comment:

  1. I can find it, but I want more than 10 M & M's. I want 10 bags! Don't be stingy... just compare the price of new DS vs. 10 bags of M & M's.