Wednesday, July 22, 2009


We start back to school on Monday. I am not ready. I am coming down from my Vegas high of lemon drops, penny slots and meals that I didn't have to cook. Reality bites!!

I am excited to be back to school for one reason....I get to see my girls on a daily basis. Without them, my job would be hard to handle. I need my silly girl time mixed in with the dramas of being a ten year old that consume my classroom. I can't wait to meet them at the coffee pot to discuss all of important issues of the week. Like, who buys coffee this Friday? Who else can't stop watching the Real Housewives of NJ? And is anyone else as absurdly excited as I am that Flipping Out is back on in August? These mindless conversations get me through the day, week, month, and school year.

I am going to miss my blond bombshell Kristin walking into my room in the morning yelling, "What up Marini?". She is off to law school now and in a few short years you will be hearing me say, "Good afternoon Kristin Burrell's office, how may I help you? We appreciate your business!" (shout out to my Jeffrey Lewis). And for Lynn and Kelly...who decided to job share, I look forward to sharing your time during the week. But for crying out loud...get me a schedule already of when you will be there! I'll take coffee the first week!

I can't wait for our daily intermediate lunch hour with the usual suspects. If I haven't said it before....our lunch time conversations probably rival locker room banter. There is no topic that is off limits and no filters allowed. It is a reality show waiting to happen...that never will because we will all be fired.

And finally. My boy is starting first grade. He is so excited to be going back to school and I am going to take that and run with it as long as I can. We are taking him shopping for school supplies this weekend and he is ecstatic over having his own desk. His own desk!!! He has a fantastic teacher again this year and I am so excited for him. So many new things for him this year like the big kid playground, a separate teacher for PE and Music and lunch in the cafeteria. Life doesn't get better than that. One of the downsides to being a teacher at the same school is that I don't get to attend Back-to-School night and hear all of wonderful things that he will be doing this year and learning about. Rich did a fantastic job last year taking notes during Matt's kindergarten presentation....but I still want to go. I would much rather play "mom" than play "teacher."

Only four more days of sleeping in...Monday morning will kill me.

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